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Re: Does anyone actually LIKE being a WOHM?

Originally Posted by GodLover View Post
I wish it wasnt full time but I love it, its a good balance I get adult conversation and socialization plus some sanity but still get the mommy time as well. Would change it for the world!!
I work outside the home, and was expecting to spend the first couple of weeks back in my office w/ the door closed, sobbing. (returned to work in January, when my daughter was a few days past 3 months old)
I don't consider myself the totally career-driven type, but I do enjoy the grownup time, stimulation, etc, that my job provides. It would be nice to maybe work 5 6-hour days instead of working full time (maybe when my husband finishes school?) so I could have more time at home, but I'm actually pretty happy right now. I think it helps that I LOVE my care provider. She adores my little girl, and is so good with her.
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