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Originally Posted by Connor
Why do you say that you rarely let down? Is your baby swallowing often while nursing? It's not just hindmilk that "lets down," foremilk lets down as well. Some women that have larger storage capacities will have to nurse longer until the hindmilk is reached.

Also, it's not just foremilk and hindmilk. It gradually transitions to rich, fatty milk during the feed.

Are her poops green or yellow?
It was something that my husband noticed when I pumped, I insisted on pumping for 45 minutes like his feeds are and for the first 15 minutes it was gushing and then it was just a small spray for about another 15 minutes and then it was gushing again for the last 15, but in the last week he isn't patient during those 15 minutes of little milk.

He swallows often in the beginning. And his poops are usually a dark green. He is attached to the boob all night, as it's the only way I get any sleep, and his first poop of the morning is usually dark yellow but all the rest are a really dark green.
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