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Re: Looking 4 Advice on Raising Young Kids from Abusive & Severely Neglectful Backgro

First of all, I am SO sorry you are going through this! I think you need to seriously consider if you can realistically keep them long term. If not, it is best for them to find the home that can as soon as possible. It IS ok if you can't. You need to think of your own children. If you lose these precious years with them, you will never get it back. With that said, you may just need a break to collect yourself.

We have five kids. 12 yr old stepson, 8 year old foster daughter, 7 year old bio son, 2 yr old bio son, and 9 month old bio son. I have found when Grandma takes the kids for a day or sometimes we split them between two Grandmas...I feel like a different person when they come back. I'm able to catch up on cleaning, laundry, projects, and get some quiet, restful time to myself, not to mention one on one time with dh. It seriously give me a lot of perspective and I feel recharged and ready to take on the world when they get back! Try it and don't feel guilty about it. We've been trying to do it every other weekend. It helps!
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