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Updated! IHA: Woombie, SLINGS! IDSO Charlie's Soap Sample!

***ISO sample of Charlie's Soap, flushable wipes, flushable liners, CD-friendly diaper cream, potty training stuff, Crayola Color Wonder paper, crayons, etc.

***IHA Woombie swaddlers, K-Cups, and slings galore!


Woombie Deluxe swaddlers -- "Princess" design, size "Big Baby" (14-19 lbs.), brand spankin' new in package, four available. See them here:

Peanut Shell Slings, Size M -- Brown with pink dots (reversible to solid brown), solid black, and ivory with a pink and greenish paisley/floral print. They are in EEUC except for the brown/pink, which I used to keep in the car and became faded in parts on the print side (the solid brown side is pristine). If you look at the second picture below, you'll see the difference in color between the areas above and below the fold. The fabric on these is a sturdy, matte cotton -- very practical and breathable.

Hotslings, Size 4 (M/L) -- L-R: Shabby Chic (buff pink with a brown and green print), Lauren (brown multi print), and Sweet Pea (bright multi floral print on a light lime green background). These are also in EEUC, hardly ever worn. Fabric is a stretch sateen, so it has a nice sheen to it and also is more accommodating due to the stretch.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Serenity Slings, Size M -- Top to bottom: TRADED Baroque Roll (two shades of teal, green, and silver), Teaberry Roll (brown, pink, and lime green), and Black Orchid Roll (black on black, with a deep red lining that peeks out while you're carrying baby). These are in that gorgeous, luxurious brocade fabric, which also has quite a sheen to it. I wore each of these only once, to weddings, so they are in mint condition.

K-Cups -- your choice among varieties available at retail stores (i.e., I can get you Starbucks, but not PBS Blend ).

Paypal -- If you don't want any of my other IHAs.


Charlie's Soap samples -- still trying to figure out a laundry routine!

Flushable wipes -- unscented, please!

Flushable liners -- larger sizes, please!

CD-friendly diaper cream/ointment -- try me!

Potty training materials -- incentive charts, treasure chests, books, etc. (I have a lot of videos, but try me on those too).

Paypal -- If you don't have any of my other ISOs.


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