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Re: Looking 4 Advice on Raising Young Kids from Abusive & Severely Neglectful Backgro

Thanks ladies. I'll take any kind of help, encouragement, etc. I can get.

It's very hard for me to get a break, but I think if I could routinely, like every other weekend, get a break, I would feel so much better, like I could refresh. Everyones eagerly willing to watch my kids for days on end, but the others.... a couple hours is bout their limit, we've found it best to pair em off, R & A, J & B. You can't put the brother & sister together or their horrible.

We were awarded permanent custody in less than 3 months, we expected it'd take a year, and we'd have to decide by then if we culd handle them truly permanently. And it's never really been a question with the boy, but with the girl, it still lingers in my mind daily - just because she is basically, more damaged. But... the parents have done absolutely nothing to get them back, so the judge I suppose was being realistic in that they never will, and now there's a no contact order attached to our permanent custody order against the mom.

Ya know, Jon complains I'm not fair and my girls get more or w/e...... but I really try, but it's REALLY hard (especially when these two break or tear up anything i get for them, I've had to resort to hand me downs or goodwill because i can't keep buying them the quality clothes i do for my girls and them destroying it first wear or play) and you can't really explain to a 7 year old boy in this situation that well... though you are technically my kid now, you're not my kid!? or you're just not as well behaved? UGH. VERY FRUSTRATING.

I don't have a very good support system here, my pastor & his wife are probably the most encouraging. Everyone else, including these kids family (like my MIL, heck, even my husband,) are all - don't stress yourself out, dump em back on the system..... UGH! There's already been mention that if we can't handle the little girl and her issues, they'll put her in a residential treatment facility for adolescents. Which then... they all are like, well if they do that, it's your fault..... shoulda left em with their birthmom, blah blah blah..... I'm like SERIOUSLY!? PEOPLE REALLY PEEVE ME OFF! shew.. ok... trying to calm down.....

My brain is like an overcrowded subway station right now....... zoom zoom.
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