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Re: Failed 1 hour glucose

Originally Posted by wordbox View Post
I failed the one hour with this pregnancy... I don't know what my numbers were, though, but I ate normally and I'm guessing the sandwich and peach I ate a couple hours before the test are what threw off my numbers. I was really upset, too, but tried my best not to stress over it. I did the three hour test this past Friday and passed it. I never had a problem with the sugary drink prior, but having it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning was definitely yucky and I did feel a bit nauseous. I tried to enjoy the time as much as possible... I brought my laptop and some headphones, sat in a recliner, and tried to enjoy the time to myself. If I would have been able to have coffee and a snack, I would have loved it! Well, minus the 4 pokes.

Hang in there. Fingers crossed that you pass and that it isn't too bad for you. It really is better to know, though, in case you do have GD.
After I failed mine the doctor said next pregnancy to avoid fruit 48 hours before just in case. Plums did me in
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