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Re: One Year Old that Still Won't Eat Solids??

Originally Posted by suzefactor View Post
I'm stressing about this too. My DD is 13 months in 2 days, and eats...oh, practically nothing.

She was born with a bilateral incomplete cleft palate, and had her repair surgery in March, but she still does not want solids. She turns her nose up at practically everything. I keep trying to tell myself to follow her lead, especially since she's a late teether...she's cut 2 teeth in the last month (in addition to the ONE she had), and she's got about 5 more about to pop through. Plus she's a small baby. She's only about 20 lb, but she's nice and long...29". So, I'm thinking her body is still telling her she needs the nutrient and caloric density of formula...
Don't stress, mamma! If she doesn't have teeth, she can't chew solids. And if she's not that into pureed banannas can you blame her? You are both doing fine- don't beat yourself up!
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