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How to send whole milk

My DS is 12 months. By mid-August I want to be done pumping at work. My plan is to send whole milk to daycare, and nurse in the evenings and weekends. The problem is that DS isn't good with a bottle, but he's even worse with a sippy. We use straw sippies. They also use the bottle to get him to sleep at naptime since I nurse to sleep at home. It just seems weird to me to send cow's milk in a bottle. What do you ladies do?

Right now he is drinking 3, 4-oz bottles of breastmilk a day. Let me rephrase. I'm SENDING 3, 4-oz bottles a day. He drinks some of that. I tried sending 2 and a sippy of mixed BM and CM. He only took a couple sips. I'm stressed because he NEEDS to make this transition this summer so that he can move up to the toddler room. They don't do bottles for naptime there. If he won't make the transition, I'm afraid they will keep him in the infant room. There isn't enough space for a kiddo who is already an expert walker.
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