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Re: How to send whole milk

Originally Posted by ikitakunai View Post
I would think that around this age the daycare would be attempting to get him to drink from a cup vs. a bottle anyway. If he is sitting and eating solid meals, he should be having a cup of milk with those (because that's what he'll need to do in the toddler room). If he uses the straw sippy fine for breastmilk and not cow milk, it probably has to do with just not liking it.

My son never transitioned to regular whole cow milk. He hated it. When he started daycare at 23 months, I ended up bringing strawberry flavored cow milk to daycare for him to have instead of the offered milk, but honestly he could have just had water. When he moved up to the preschool room he was always served cow milk with meals and just never drank any. I made sure he had access to his water bottle. He now drinks chocolate almond milk.

How many times does he breastfeed in the evenings/weekends? You may not really even need the extra cow milk. I know that daycares usually have guidelines where they have to offer it, but if you're required to bring your own beverage anyway, then maybe not? Or maybe you could find a substitute he prefers?

He knows how to drink out of the straw sippy, but even with water he only takes a couple sips. I'm not sure what he thinks about the taste to be honest.

He mostly nurses overnight. He'll nurse for a few seconds here and there during the day. Slightly longer if he falls and needs to comfort nurse. But mostly he nurses to sleep and then wakes a few times at night. That is becoming less frequent though. On the weekends I can also nurse him down for two naps. So on those days, he nurses 3 times.

We are required to bring everything in the infant room. I'm not sure exactly what the policy is for the toddler room. It's a pretty small operation and the policies aren't always clear.
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