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Re: I'm furious.

Originally Posted by Aimers1 View Post
Eventually, they got so out of control that they smeared peanut butter on him on the bus, knowing that his sister was severely allergic to peanuts.
And this kind of stuff is one of the reason we have decided that my peanut allergic daughter will not ride the bus. I am lucky that I will be able to take and pick her up from school everyday.

OP I think you have a good plan. When I was a preschool teacher I had a parent try to "talk" to another kid too. I would not let it happen. Like the other poster- I know the kid in question was innocent. The victim was knocked down, but not by the kid she told her father knocked her down. And it was actually an accident- witnessed by another teacher. They didn't tell the parent because it wasn't a big deal. The teacher told him what happened and he was still angry and thought something else should be done.
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