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Re: I'm furious.

So sorry you have to deal with this . FWIW, I would be totally furious too, and I would make it VERY clear that NO ONE yells at my child!! I'm usually a very calm and understanding person, but my kids are one thing that I'm willing to lose my cool over, if needed.

When I was was in 3rd grade, our elementary school had a program that took the kids to the skating rink next door once a week after school. Well, my best friend was a boy, and he sort of had a little crush on me (as much as 3rd graders can crush, lol). There was another girl who liked him, but he didn't like her back. One day at the skating rink, this girl's mother pulled that boy and me aside, and TOTALLY unloaded on us. She cussed us out, she wanted to know why he liked me and not her little "J", blah, blah, blah. WAAYYYYY out of line! I was pretty shaken up when I got home, and my mom could tell something was wrong. When she finally got it out of me, she just about exploded. She made my brother and I go outside on the porch while she called this woman (she clearly didn't want us to hear what she had to say, and my mom is normally a lady and doesn't ever use "choice" words, but again, when it came to her kids....). The next few times that we went skating, my uncle came out and stood by to watch the whole time. He is one of the biggest, most built men that I know, and it was obvious that he was there for me. She never so much as looked at me again that year. She and her daughter have pretty much hated me ever since, but it was definitely no big loss to me.

I look at it this way: while I do think it is important to always show a good example to your kids, and everyone else, for that matter, I also know that your kids have no one else who is going to go to bat for them like you will. The more something can be resolved peacefully and calmly, the better...but make sure you are clear on what you mean, and that it WILL not happen again. Good luck, mama!
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