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Re: I'm furious.

Originally Posted by JaylasMommy View Post
, you know? So, I asked WHY this is happening. Apparently, the little girl, E, is being just as mean and nasty to her. J is very easily hurt by others who tend to think they are 'better' or 'prettier' than her, when they exclude her from things, and tell her they aren't her friend. These girls are 5, so I am sure I am missing the WHOLE story. [Quite frankly, as her mom, I can't imagine she kicked the little girl to just be mean. That's NOT her nature. SOMETHING pushed her to do that.]
THEN J tells me that E's mother got on the bus this morning YELLING at her. Ok. WHAT?!? NO ONE IS YELLING AT MY CHILD. Not even I do things like that. I am furious about THIS more than anything.

Tomorrow, I won't be letting J ride the bus to school. I'm taking her, and speaking to her principal and telling him about what E's mother did. I will be asking to have a meeting to have him explain to her that she can't climb aboard the bus yelling at another student, no matter what she did to her child. She should have called the school. Second, I want to know the other side of the story, and would appreciate if the principal arranged a meeting for me and E's mother to sit with both girls to find out what is going on.
I think this is fairly reasonable.

On the other hand, I want to go punch this lady in the face for doing that to my child. But, I won't. That's wrong.

And, I am going to be talking to J's pediatrician as well about getting her evaluated and into some form of counseling. This isn't the first time I've heard about her doing something like this, but the other time she was being picked on as well.

Things like this make me wish I could home school her.
Ok, first of all.......

I do not think you need to get her evaluated or in counseling. I think you and her can figure this out together. I completely understand being upset/disappointed with her, but it sounds like she had good reason. I think if you sat with her and asked her what was going on, not b/c she was in trouble and wasn't going to, but to have a better idea.

I would def be taking to the bus driver to find out exactly what happened and what the mother said to her. There isn't any way he/she wouldn't have heard what she said.

I do think a meeting with the principle is a good idea and with the other mother and child as well. But, it would be good to get as much info about what has been going on from your dd first.
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