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Re: Failed 1 hour glucose

Originally Posted by MeineLiebe View Post
I failed my 1 hour & passed the 3. During the 3 hour I drank a lot of water & went to the bathroom. Some doctors let you do that, but some don't.
Yeah, I asked if I could have water during the fast for the 3hr test(midnight til test 8:30) She said, "a couple sips, but not anything more than that." I thought most fasts you could have water and black coffee. :/I don't thikn I can go that long without drinking water... eating no problem, but if I don't have water I get gaggy even not pregnant. Good news is the nurse is a jerk wad (and only one who works with the doc, who s super nice!! and the nurse won't be there the day of my fast, so hopefully she will let me have water during it.
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