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Re: Gahh!! This is why so many cloth newbies have laundry issues!

Originally Posted by MandaMommy2 View Post
Hello I'm new to cloth diapering and I haven't bought any of the special detergents yet because I wasn't sure I wanted to. I've seem some pretty crazy ideas about how to wash these things with a billion rinses, but I can't afford to waste that much hot water. I was given 6 used pocket diapers that I did a presoak in cold and then a hot wash with tide filled to the #1 line. Then I line dried them. The diapers were clean of course when they were given to me, but I just wanted to wah them myself before I put them on my little girl we're expecting in September. Is this how I should wash dirty diapers? And do covers need to so a presoak?
You did perfectly right. A lot of mamas will use bleach occasionally, especially with new to you diapers to ensure against yeast or any other problems passing from one baby to another.
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