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I had a long talk with DD last night. She told me her side: the "kick" was her doing a flip and she collided with the other girl. This is according to a 5 year old. She did admit to calling her "smelly" after asking E to stop messing with her umbrella 3 times. Does that justify it? Of course not.
Does it mean that someone is intentionally being mean to her? Not really, but I think I would be hurt if someone told me I couldn't play with them but everyone else can. I just told her to tell them "that's fine. I can go play with someone else."
As far as name calling? We talked about what she should do instead. Ask nicely the first time. Be a little "stern" the second time. There shouldn't be a third time, but if the person bugging her leaves her alone, tell an adult/teacher or on the bus she has to tell a patrol. I'll be reinforcing it this morning with her.

I'm talking to the bus driver this morning. I'm going to ask what the lady said and why she was allowed on the bus. I hope he explained to her that was unacceptable.
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