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Breastfeeding and pain medicine

I need to get my wisdom teeth out. I don't think I can delay getting my wisdom teeth out much longer. They weren't hurting before but now they are, and one of them has started to break and is very sensitive. I was hoping I could put it off until he was over a year old after we introduce cow's milk, but he is going just 9 months.

Any recommendations for pain medicine that is (I will ask the dentist who is prescribing it also, but I'm not sure if breastfeeding and medication are within his specialty). I guess I can also email the pediatrician about safety, but I"m also a big baby when it comes to tooth pain. Last time I had a tooth pulled I was taking oxycodone for 3 days after, and according to the internet, it does pass into breastmilk. The internet also says that the risks to a baby should be discussed with a doctor - I'm guessing that means that some but not all babies will react? I'm not sure I want to take chances.

DS doesn't like bottles either...this isn't going to be a fun 3 days for either of us. Even though I can give birth without drugs, when it comes to my teeth I'm a big baby.
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