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Re: One Year Old that Still Won't Eat Solids??

I'm going to be the naysayer on here. BLW is great but it is not the best thing for all babies. Some babies have oral sensory issues or other problems and may need help.

One of my twins is almost 14 months old and she will only eat baby food and that's only if we can distract her enough by having on a kids show while we feed her. She has maintained her growth curve by getting enough baby food in her. She eats 9 jars of stage 2 a day plus 2-3 big baby bowls full of baby cereal. We had her evaluated by early intervention and will be starting OT to help her. They told us that it's probably a combination of oral sensory issues and reflux. She's already on prevacid to help. She's also going to be seeing a pediatric GI the end of July to make sure there's nothing else going on.

You are obviously concerned and have every right to call early intervention and ask for an evaluation. Don't allow others to tell you not to worry. Early intervention will be able to let you know if your LO needs some help or not and be able to get you the help if needed. If they tell you not to worry yet, then don't, but you are the mom and you know your child the best.
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