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I go for my next appt on the 30th and Dr. wants to do AFP test, I have heard/read so many mixed reviews about this...what are your thoughts? I am not a worrier unless I have reason to, when we had DS in 2008 I had to have a level2 ultrasound at 16w (forgot reason, will ask on 30th) and they found a white spot on his heart, this was how it was explained to me (I may have stats wrong but bear with me): 90% of kids who have Down's Syndrome have a white spot on thier heart...BUT 90% of kids who have a white spot on their heart DO NOT have Downs Syndrome. So they said that an Amniocentesis was highly recommended to determine if he had it or we did the Amnio. He did NOT have Downs. We had to wait about a week or so, maybe 10 days to get results, i wasn't a mess...we didn't tell family so they wouldn't worry (MIL is HUGE worrier) and all turned out well, besides my gigantor baby (10lbs birth; left hospital 4 days later at 12lbs). I am hesitant to know 'ahead of time' if there are genetic issues because i don't know how I will feel, but on the other hand, I will have time to prepare, learn, join support groups, learn ways that may help me cope with daily routines, etc. I just don't know enough to decide. Another issue is that our health insurance is worse now, still great compared to most, but we only paid the $40 copay for specialist to confirm pregnancy and $250 for inpatient hospital we have a $400 deductible and 90/10 son just had an endoscopy to rule out celiac disease and it was supposed to be $400 + 10% of procedure ($3500) but it had cost us $400 + $700 (don't ask how...I am still scratching my head and on the phone with ins and billing depts.). Don't misunderstand, I think ANY of us would give ANY amount of money to provide medical care for our kids, but I am very frugal person and I like negotiating too and would like to not only pay for what I owe, but UNDERSTAND how I owe what they say I do...LOL
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