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Re: Homebirth mama's check in?

I wonder if I am the only one on this thread hoping to have a home-birth? I am doubtful, cause there are many mamas here, so statistically there should be a few of us. I wonder about how *you* do it...

Can I join in? New to the DDC, but I've been around DS for a few yrs, I think.

This is my fifth birth. First was in a BC with what I thought was a natural minded CNM...not so much, ended in transfer after birth to hospital. Second birth, my husband delivered en route as the same CNM kept putting me off--she didn't believe I was in active labor/had just gotten home from another birth. Third was a homebirth waterbirth with a CPM. Fourth, another homebirth with the same amazing midwife. We are planning our fifth with our same midwife.
She's a CPM.
She, her assistant and my hubby will be the only ones there. I have found I am a very private birther and much prefer to be left alone with DH until pushing.
We do PKU--my MW can do it.
My midwife has package that is ordered online--just the usual cord snap, chux pads, syringe, ect...(it's a bit fuzzy, lol.)
My must haves are herbal baths, the peri bottle, and FOOD after labor, lol...just can't eat during, darn it!
I don't know what the first dipe will be. I have a nb grovia owl that I may do, or I am making some prefitteds, but I really want that Little Boppers birthday dipe now, lol!

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