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Re: West Virgina *miff*... slight rant.

I cannot believe those policies actually exist to that extent! I am so sorry you are dealing withthis!
I can, however, understand your pain in some respects. My first preg ended in miscarriage and they wouldn't allow my DH in to the ultrasound at the hospital and it was a male practitioner and I was nervous and didn't know what to expect...which led me to choose BC for my next birth, but we transferred after birth and had a lot of pressure to do things the "routine" way in the hospital! Second was born en route to BC and DH called 911 in panic. (in retrospect, we were 4 minutes from the BC--we should have just driven over, lol) The ambulance HAD to take us to the nearest hospital, and would not let us go. The hospital "tsk, tsked" us and whispered about us because I had not gotten the GB test and when we tried to leave (having a healthy baby and mama), they told us I could leave, but if we attempted to take baby, they would call CPS on us! AFter 9 hours, we FINALLY got a ped. to sign off that we were good to go. AND THEN THEY TRIED TO BILL US FOR A COMPLETE BIRTH AND 48 HOUR STAY.
It's one thing to have policies, routines, ect. and a whole "nuther thing to be compelled under duress--under threat.
So now we HB, lol.
All that in a pretty liberal state. So sorry for your stress, OP

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