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DDC- Are there any specific reasons your doctor is pushing this test? Age? Family History? Other factors? If there aren't any underlying reasons I would skip this test. The chance of a false positive is way too high IMO and then you'd spend even more to get an amnio to confirm or deny those results. I'd have your regular anatomy scan (which is usually a level 2, is that what you had last time? sounds like it) and then if anything shows up on that (and I pray they won't) then I'd go for the amnio if that's what would make you feel most comfortable.

The biggest question is, what wouldyou do with the results of these tests? Would it change anything for you? Is having time to prepare a huge deal for you? That is a very valid reason, but is that extra time with that knowledge worth the money for the tests? For some it very well could be! Only you can answer these questions mama but I pray everything will be just fine. And chances are, they will

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