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supposedly Adavanced Maternal Age...I'm 36. he also told me that I need to have another c-sect. b/c ruptured uterus is very common...I have read that VBAC should be fine and 1% of VBAC's have a rupture...still haven't done too much research, only hit a few was an anatomy scan, with this one, we (I) don't want to know the sex, DH does...thinking of having tech put it in an envelope, seal it and deliver it to the cake maker to design a cake and surprise everyone at the shower, but then the guests wouldn't be able to buy gender specific stuff...argh...I want to be surprised but see the benefits of knowing....we found out with DS, if it's a boy we don't need a THING but if it's a girl, we need clothing that's all...have ALL of the gear (DS is only 3 1/2 carseats are still good, not expired and i scored a dbl tandem stroller last weekend at a yardsale, CHEAP!!!)...any suggestions? I should post another thread on that one...LOL

AS far as the results, just prepare...but I AM a HUGE RESEARCHER and could make mahself CRAZY

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