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Re: If his teeth don't come out right..

I would go see the dentist. I'm a dentist's wife though, so you know I'd say that...LOL. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends your first dental visit when the first tooth comes in or when your child turns one, whichever comes first. Usually, this visit is to talk to you about how to care for his teeth, what to look for, what to bring him in for that you might run into and a good dentist would ask about you and your husband's past dental work...did either of you had dental jaw surgery, braces, bad decay? Some things are hereditary and he'd be able to give you more information on what might happen to him and what to do about it.

For sideways teeth....I don't think they could be that sideways?? Sideways sounds bad, they are kinda supposed to be up and down. They really don't like to do anything to baby's...they aren't the most cooperative patients, they don't want to drug them to do anything nor do they want to develop dental they try not to do anything unless they have too. However, your baby teeth are important, they are what hold the spaces there for your adult teeth. I hate when parents pull out a tooth or let it rott out because they don't want to pay for a filling because that gap from the lost tooth could actually start to close (your teeth move and the other teeth will shift to fill that space) and then the adult tooth won't have enough room there and be crowded or it could grow in sideways! I have a tooth turned the wrong way, no clue why, but it's still like that. my bottom teeth or crowded, I really want to turn it, it's hard to keep clean and the tooth is sharp and it cuts my tongue.

Anyways, it sounds like your son it past due for a check up according to the AAP and I'd say it's worth a visit to the pediatric dentist to look at it and tell you if anything needs to happen and if so at what age. preventative care in dentistry is really picking up. They are starting to do ortho around 5 years old, preventative ortho. For my sister's son they said by doing a retainer at 5 year old for a couple of years would prevent him from needing braces early on ....because your teeth move easier and so lightly correcting it early at the start of the problem is better and less expensive then waiting longer down the road.

There's some dentist that say don't bring your child in until they are 2 or 3 or in my sister's case until 4. They say this because they don't make money on teaching you and talking to you about their teeth. Plus, they don't like working with kids that young, they don't have time for that! Talking to a mother takes more time then filling a small cavitity and they hardly get paid anything to do it. If they tell you to come in at 3 or 4 they are most likely to have a cavitity or almost there. my sister's child did have a cavitity at 4, her only child to have a cavitity. Anyways, I would go see a pediatric dentist and find one that follows the AAP's recommendations. They are going to be the ones with the most up to date care and knowledge and your money is far better spent there. Just my
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