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Re: If his teeth don't come out right..

Originally Posted by momma2three View Post
There's some dentist that say don't bring your child in until they are 2 or 3 or in my sister's case until 4. They say this because they don't make money on teaching you and talking to you about their teeth. Plus, they don't like working with kids that young, they don't have time for that! Talking to a mother takes more time then filling a small cavitity and they hardly get paid anything to do it. If they tell you to come in at 3 or 4 they are most likely to have a cavitity or almost there. my sister's child did have a cavitity at 4, her only child to have a cavitity. Anyways, I would go see a pediatric dentist and find one that follows the AAP's recommendations. They are going to be the ones with the most up to date care and knowledge and your money is far better spent there. Just my
Maybe that's your dh, but that is not all family dentists, including my dh. He loves to see kids and encourages parents to bring them in just to play in the chair and get used to the sights and sounds.
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