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Re: If his teeth don't come out right..

LOL. When I first thought sideways, I thought man that is not right! i was thinking like sideways like the tooth almost laying down on the gums sideways not crooked sideways. My husband had a patient like that and the tooth started growing into the gums and they had to do oral surgery and cut it out. It was one of her back teeth, she had had another tooth pulled and that tooth get leaning forward to fill in the gap until it was laying down. She should have gotten a bridge or a implant.

But anyways, I had to correct myself towards the end. One my adult teeth is sideways. But like I said it's hard to clean and it cuts my tongue, even though I've had it sanded down twice. Once my husband's oral surgery residency is over I will be getting it fixed.

I still recommend seeing the dentist, but mostly because I am a mom that follows most of the recommendations people give me, there's good reason for most of it!
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