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Re: Selling Breast Milk

Originally Posted by sisterof10 View Post
I can understand why people would discourage you from selling your milk, but I don't think that those same people will step up and pay for your family's living expenses so you can keep donating.

It's like saying that a landlord shouldn't charge rent because people need housing. Or that the local farmers with farmstands should just give away their produce because people need food. Yes, sometimes, many times, it is possible to give things away, but sometimes you need money to support your family, and at that point in time you sell your wares instead.

That being said, I have no helpful advice as to how to find buyers for your milk. Best wishes to you and your family.
Well said, I were a donor for a long time and have helped countless babies/ have a commodity that you have been selflessly giving away because you were capable of doing so...Would you donate all of the food in your pantry if you couldn't buy more? No...nobody would. Your first and foremost responsibility is to care for your family and keep them safe and intact...not put others first. You have given an incredible gift to many, now it's time to give a gift to your family, staying afloat in a tough time...use it if you got it. I say sell it....maybe get a blood panel done proving you are healthy/disease-free as a backup...I would look into the liability of this as well...the last thing you need is a lawsuit from a buyer when their baby gets sick or worse, maybe even dies of SIDS and they try to blame you...I don't want to scare you from supporting your family with this, but just be aware of the risks. I would email the websites that specialize or the milk bank you donate to and see if they can shed light...

I truly hope and pray that everything works out for you and DH finds the perfect job with the perfect salary soon...

Try not to feel guilty about selling instead of have a lot to be proud of, be proud you helped so many, instead of feeling guilty you are not able to give it away for free now.


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