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TTC After Loss Thread

I thought I would start a thread for women who are TTC a baby right after a m/c. That is a situation that is so specific and I feel like we could really help each other get through this hard time. If you just had a m/c and no live births since please join in on the conversation. Hopefully all our love and support will help us get sticky babies this time around.

If you want to be added to the group just use the format below and I will get a list going. Feel free to mention living children and if you are pregnant. If you get preggo again please stick around until you feel comfortable moving to a DDC or just hang here and we will cheer you on

I'll start...

Screen Name / Real name: Twinpossible / Anya
m/c date(s) at __ along: 5/8/2012 at 12 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: 5/27
March 23rd 2012

Screen Name / Real name: happymama1 / Kristen
m/c date(s) at __ along: 4/12/2012 at 5 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: right away....had a series of false positives on defective wondfo tests this month, which was like insult to injury

Screen Name / Real name: Grekleface / Kelly
m/c date(s) at __ along: 12/17/2010 at 19 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: February 2011

Screen name/Real name: mamato2boyz/Lyndi
m/c dates at _along: 5/18/2012 at 7 1/2 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: As soon as my HCG is gone or low or after I have my period or more likely after my MIL goes back home next week. So, June 2012
May 2012

Screen Name / Real name: wolffie / Dani
m/c date(s) at __ along: March 2012 at 8 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: when my dh gets back on board. I've been ready to TTC again right away but dh is hesitant.

Screen Name / Real name: cristy_1996/Cristy
m/c date(s) at__ along: 2/20/12 at 9w5d
TCC after m/c starting: Currently expecting again EDD 1/24/13

Screen Name / Real name: Brookglen/Sandy
m/c date(s) at __ along: 4/7/12 at 6 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: immediately

Screen Name / Real name: runawaybunny /Meg
m/c date(s) at __ along: 1/24/2012 at 10 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: right away (on 3rd cycle post m/c now)

Screen Name/Real name: itsajoi/ Jena
m/c m/c date(s) at __ along: early March 2012 at 10 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: now I guess....

Screen Name / Real name: lilbitcrunchy / Heather
m/c date(s) at __ along: 1/1/2012 (yep new year's day ) at 7 weeks 4 days
Currently Expecting: bfp July 11

Screen Name / Real name: Craftin'Diva/Jeri
m/c date(s) at __ along: January 2012, not sure how far along as we took the month off and I have NO idea when I ovulated or how it happened but guessing around 6-8 weeks.
TTC after m/c starting: First cycle after loss

Screen Name / Real name: leviandgarettsmom/Deanna
m/c date(s) at __ along: 12/21/11 @ 5w & 3/22/12 @ 8w5d
TTC after m/c starting: Currently NTNP/planning to actively TTC after 1 more cycle

Screen Name / Real name: jaqie19 / Jackie
m/c date(s) at __ along: 4/24/2012 (our 8th wedding anniversary) at 12 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: Not sure yet???

Screen Name / Real name: lizgrace07 / Liz
m/c date(s) at __ along: 5/24/2012 at 6 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: July or whenever I have a normal cycle, whichever comes first. Actually it will be more of a NTNP thing with hopes of a conception. In the past I have got pregnant very easily, so I am hoping that will be the case after this m/c.

Name: Alison
m/c date(s) at __ along: Sep 03 at 5 weeks, chemical pregnancy May 04, Dec 04 at 9 weeks, June/July 05 twins at 5 weeks and 7 weeks, chemical pregnancy Apr 08, May 08 at 5 weeks, Aug 09 at 7 weeks, Nov 11 at 5 weeks
TTC since: December 2011

Screen Name / Real name: ~Roses~/Rose
m/c date(s) at __ along: 2/02 @ 10w5d, 6/02 @ 6w4d, 3/12 @ 9w3d
TCC after m/c starting: June or July

Screen Name / Real name: Koli Ava / Trinity
m/c date(s) at__ along: May 30th 2012 at 6 1/2 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: First Cycle

Screen Name / Real name: carriek38 / Carrie
m/c date(s) at __ along: Chemical pg 2/26/12, 5/8/12 @ 6wks
TCC after m/c starting: maybe August or September

Screen Name / Real name: Joeslittlewoman/Kristen
m/c date(s) at __ along: Spotting started 5/19/2012 at 6.5 weeks, didn't think we were m/c for a few days. Had 3 other early losses before I had my boys (3 & 22m).
Currently Expecting! BFP 7/13/12

Screen Name / Real name: TS8213/Trace
m/c date(s) at __ along: 11/5/2011 at 15 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: May 2012 -- I'm currently in the 2ww
March 2012

Screen Name / Real name: Aussie Mumma / Justine
m/c date(s) at __ along: 6/6/2012 at 6.5 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: 6/20

Sn/real name jamiejo/Jamie
Loss date, April 16th. 7w6d.
TTC as of..... We are currently TTA. IDK when or if we'll truly TTC or just see what happens.

Screen Name / Real name: MsKaun / Eryn
m/c date(s) at __ along: My first m/c was 3/2008 and my recent ones were 9/2011, and twins 5/2012.
TCC after m/c starting: July 2012

Screen Name / Real name: Mvp529/Misty
m/c date(s) at __ along: 7/13/2012 at 6 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: Whenever I begin ovulating again.

Screen Name / Real name: rahhlady / Sarah
m/c date(s) at __ along: 9/6/111 [7 weeks 3 days] 12/27/11 [10 weeks 4 days - heart stopped at 8 weeks] 4/10/12 [9 weeks 2 days - Heart stopped 7 weeks 5 days], 7/12/12 [7 weeks 6 days - Only saw fetal pole in a 6 week sac... still waiting to miscarry fully]
TCC after m/c starting: Probably in September, but wanted to get settled in now. I hope that's okay.

Screen Name / Real name: spartyguard/Sarah
m/c date(s) at __ along: 9/17/12 at 5w1d
TCC after m/c starting: ASAP
EDD: 5/19/13
A crunchy wife to B and momma of identical twin girls G & E , our rainbow
baby C born at home April 2013 and R forever in my heart.

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