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Re: Little vent about constant comments at work

I got really tired of comments too when I was pregnant, too. I was at the farmer's market one day (probably about 7 months along), and one of the "farmers" said "You aren't going to have that baby right now are you? I don't have my catcher's mitt!". Months later I wished that I had thought to say "Oh my!!! I think I really am going to have her now!!" and try to scare the heck out of him. No one said much annoying when I was pregnant this time, which was too bad, because I was ready to try to turn the joke on them. Maybe you can have a little fun with them?

The thing that really helped me at the time was that my midwife reminded me that in just a few more weeks no one would pay any attention to me or my body anymore, and just tell me how adorable my baby was.

Good luck, mama.
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