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Re: Tell me I'm not being stupid

I agree with the others. Of course you are not being stupid, mama! Shame on those that put doubt in your head. For goodness' sake, you're halfway there already! And just think about how much easier all of that will be now than in 10+ more weeks when your belly is a lot bigger? You already have some rearranging to do, so it makes perfect sense!

I've already reorganized all of my cloth dipes, got DD a new bed and moved her clothes to that, stored away all of my nb clothes, bibs, receiving blankets, and linens in DD's old dresser, and filled up my rolly cart of nursing supplies, cds, covers, wraps, etc that will live in our bedroom next to the pack n play. I'd already have the crib set up but we need to move DD's old bed out first and storage is still a mess. LOL!
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