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Re: Tell me I'm not being stupid

Another vote for "Go for it!". I think most new mamas take advantage of the 2 trimester energy to setup! Do it while you can, don't procrastinate, you will be too big and tired and clumsy to do it one day...before you know it! You may get a nesting 'wind' closer to due date and may not be able to resist the urge to wash everything AGAIN and rearrange stuff...try to conserve this energy for MUST DO's like take a walk, go on a date (do this LOTS if it's your 1st much as you think you will do a monthly or weekly date will be biyearly...LOL)...I wish you the best. And if you are worried about 'jinxing' yourself, remember 2 things: 1: Miscarriages are from nature/science/medical science not 'karma' or stepping on a crack or breaking a mirror, or walking under a ladder... 2: Worst case scenario---Hubby (or another loved one) packs up and gets rid of the 'baby's things' or it will still be there for you to do if you want to...when you are ready. I am due with #2 Nov 13 2012 and I have been buying galore (new to Cloth Diapering), we won't find out sex so I have boy and girl diapers and neutrals, if it's a boy he can wear pink at night or I'll sell them...LOL!!!
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