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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Yep! I didn't really care too much whether it was a girl or boy, but I really preferred a girl just because of all the super cute clothes I had saved from when Averie was a baby. The girl clothes were just so much cuter than the boy clothes!

I originally wasn't even going to find out gender, but I was so sick and not excited about the pregnancy at all that I decided that I needed to know the gender so I could start getting things ready and buy something cute things. I really did feel so much better after I knew the gender, like I could actually start to prepare for the new baby. Before that I just felt like I was waiting for something. It was kind of weird.

But I'm so loving having another girl! Especially since she is so much smaller than Aiden was. I actually feel like a get a newborn this time around. And the clothes are so cute and the little pink, purple and flowery newborn diapers are so fun! I did go all out and buy a bunch of newborn AIOs and pockets since I knew this was going to be my last baby. I really want to enjoy this newborn time I have with her

I was a tiny bit sad that I will never have another boy, but Aiden is so difficult and exhausting right now that I couldn't imagine having another one like him. LOL! He is a sweet lovable little dude, but I don't think I could survive two of him! Also, if it was another boy, it would probably have been big like Aiden was. I honestly felt like I never had a newborn with Aiden. We always joke that he was born 3 months old. Both in size and in development. He never looked or acted like a newborn. So I'm super happy to have my little newbie!
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