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Originally Posted by MilaniasSuperMomma
Bought some diapers off of fsot. Got a great deal, just needed to get the stains out. I put them in the sun as I sun all my diapers. Well it decided to rain to brought them in and waited until another sunny day to put them out. I didn't think to dry them b/c I honestly thought the next day would be sunny. Well 3 days later they all had couple of mold spots each. I washed and put them in the sun figuring they weren't super bad and should sun out. Well I went outside to check on them and the spots had multiplied bad!!! How can I remove the spots w/o ruining the diapers. I am sick, I just bought these last week. I cannot throw them out........
Bleach will kill the mold so you can use them. After that bleach in every wash to get the mold stains lighter.
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