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Exclamation reduced -- a few Goodmamas left! mmaRo!

These are OS Goodmama Fitteds.

Das Auto and Hard Candy available
Lowered prices even more -- taking a huge hit on these. Buy em up

Das Auto is NIP $40ppd or make an offer

REDUCED -- Hard Candy (orginal, htf/OOP, washed once,kept in bag for protection,) $55ppd Make an offer

__________________________________________________ _____

SOLD Subculture EEEEEUC --first run/skinny tag --not the designers remake $36ppd or make an offer

sold Reindeer Games is EEUC (worn ~5x) $25ppd

[COLOR="rgb(0, 191, 255)"]SOLD Brown Beard has soft/soft sherpa OBV. There are a couple rust spots in various places on the diaper. Nothing huge though. One of the soaker snaps (on the shell) may be a bit loose. It wiggles a bit on the fabric. The print has faded some and there are some areas of loose serging but this diaper still has a ton of life left. $13.50ppd[/COLOR]

SOLDDer Wagon has a pink CV inner. The inner is still soft and doesn't seem faded at all. The outer is still very clean and white. The outer print doesn't look faded at all to me either. Snaps and elastic are great. I don't see any edgewear along the ruffled turned edge. $27ppd

SOLDTurquoise crossword/Volcom diaper has an OBV inner. Its still very soft. The outer hasn't faded too much but seems like it may have been accidentally slit with some scissors or something as some point. There is a tiny hole on the front which is barely noticeable but it is there. I did my best to get a picture of it. The snaps elastic and serging are all great on this diaper still. $25ppd

SOLDJolly Waffler is soft/soft sherpa. The OBV near the ends of the elastic are starting to bald. That is the only balding I see though. The outer print has faded some but is still in good condition. I see no holes or wear on it. Snaps, elastic, and serging are all still good. I see a couple loopy serging spots but the rest is still good. $15ppd

SOLDBlue/violet striped diaper has a CV inner and outer. The outer CV is still soft and looks good to me. The inner is a bit faded and there are a few bleached out spots on the soaker. Its still very soft though and I think a softener soak would soften it up even more. The snaps elastic and serging all look good to me. $22ppd

SOLDSaturday Morning (I think thats the name?) is soft/soft sherpa. There may be a few rust spots in various places on the diaper. I can't find them now but I thought I remembered seeing some. There is some balding around some of the elastic. It has some wonky serging, and there are 3 tiny holes on the outer fabric as pictured. I think the nature of this fabric has kept them from getting larger, but I can't say how long that will last. $12ppd

SOLDWoof is faded inside and out. The CV is still soft except in the areas where there is bleaching. I think a good softener soak would help that a lot. Snaps and elastic are good. There are some places with loopy serging. This diaper is still fully functional and has a ton of life left. It just has some cosmetic issues. $15ppd

SOLDCarribean Cool is soft sherpa on the shell. The soaker is sherpa and does have some balding down the middle. Snaps and elastic are good. There a few places with loopy serging. $14ppd

SOLDPollock is still soft, may be going sherpa in some areas. Elastic is good, serging does have some small loopy areas. On the underside of the soaker there looks to be some rust spots. It came to me this way but didn't bother me so I have not tried removing it. Near the ends of the back elastic is some balding. That's the only areas I see where that is happening. OBV is still soft and squishy everywhere else. $25ppd

SOLDI have a used ruffle turned Das Auto. The inner and outer has some fading -- I think just from being sunned so often. There is a very faint stain I think on the inner but I haven't tried to get it out. It's been raining a ton here. Snaps and elastic are great. I don't see any wear on the edges either. The only thing I see wrong is the slight fading and the light stain on the cv. The cv inner is still super soft. $25ppd

I also have 3 OS Knickernappies diapers listed here:

Diapers come from a smoke free pet friendly home.
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