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Re: TTC After Loss Thread

Originally Posted by itsajoi View Post
Screen Name/Real name: itsajoi/ Jena
m/c m/c date(s) at __ along: early March 2012 at 10 weeks
TCC after m/c starting: now I guess....

I hate to sound ambivalent about TTC, but I'm really not sure how I feel. I absolutely know I want more children, but I guess I'm sort of mad at my body (?) or something. I'm mad at the process. I think I've become more mad as I chart and see absolutely nothing that makes sense going on. Right now I'm having my period, I guess, but that consists of gushing bleeding (sorry, tmi) in the morning that dribbles away to nothing by evening. And I mean nothing. Am I supposed to call that a period? I had a temp spike for one day last cycle and then it plummeted and I started this silly period like stuff. I know I should be patient with my body, and it's not even that I'm so anxious to be able to get pregnant, it's just that I feel like my body is being a rebellious teenager or something and it's just annoying. Straighten up and do what you're supposed to already! Again, I realize it hasn't been that long but ugh. I'm pretty confident I haven't ovulated since the m/c at all...I guess I just have sort of lost confidence in my body in this area. I had a miscarriage for no apparent reason, and now it can't even ovulate and menstruate correctly? What makes me think it's going to be able to care for a growing baby correctly.

Wow. Sorry that was sort of a rant against myself. lol. Sorry! What an intro, huh?
Sounds like totally normal feelings to me but then again you and I m/c around the same baby growth and in the same month so...the blind leading the blind? I lost confidence in my body a LONG time ago. It takes us forever to get pregnant and then I lose this one, GRR! I haven't had a normal period either, in fact, I just stopped bleeding. I have heard that it can take a while for your body to ovulate again but most likely (but not all the time) you will ovulate before your next period. All that to say 2-3 times a week so you can catch that egg IF you want to be preggo again right away. I cannot wait to be preggo again and feel like if my body is ready it will happen, if it's not ready then it will not happen this cycle. A sad welcome to the group.
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