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Originally Posted by AwesomeMom View Post
As far as the gift buying guides, I've seen it go two ways that might be new to you and maybe will help!

1) Have an "Annoucement/Gender Reveal Party" about a month before your shower for close friends and family - just something small - and let your shower guests know that you will be announcing the gender on a certain date on FB/Blog/via email/whatever so that if they want to buy gender specific things they can wait until then. Or just hold the invites until the Reveal Party has taken place.
2) Register for both boy and girl specific things and return whatever you end up not needing. Make sure your guests include a receipt AND specify things are off the registry when ordering - also this is much easier if you do your registry off Amazon instead of the traditional BBB or BRU or Target, as Amazon's return policies are better and EVERYTHING comes with a receipt - by email as well as in the box. Guests that want to buy gender specific items can buy one of each and let you return the one you don't want, therefore buying you essentially a gift AND a gift card. Of course this doesn't work with all groups but some folks might be keen on this idea. I've known people who have pulled it off.
I like the idea of a Gender Announcement Party!!! But that still leaves me having to be social and 'deal' with people in my home (clean up before and after) a month or so before baby...uh, I know me, and I will be cranky to say the least! DH's family believes that Registry's are rude, they don't use them so that's out for them. I am not a fan of Whinnie the Pooh themed things, and told MIL in a casual convo about nursery theme, cause she suggested W.the Pooh...I told her 'I am just not fond of W.the Pooh' and sure enough....we got a highchair, walker, pack n play, and who knows what else from her side W.the Pooh themed....LOL...Walmart here I come to return it!!!! I was grateful for the gifts and it's the thought that counts, not the usefulness of the gift, right? I bought the rain forest chair that we wanted and use the gift card from the return on necessities like diapers, etc...worked out great! OH well!!!!

I am thinking about doing a 'Sip and See' if I don't cave and find out the sex....if I cave, I'll have a shower at my house...maybe...still the idea of having everyone over at one time (planned) to see baby...instead of entertaining a few ppl each day for a few weeks...
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