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Re: TTC After Loss Thread

Originally Posted by lilbitcrunchy View Post
Screen Name / Real name: lilbitcrunchy / Heather
m/c date(s) at __ along: 1/1/2012 (yep new year's day ) at 7 weeks 4 days
TTC after m/c starting: This cycle, 5th post mc

So I started off the new year losing a baby. We weren't trying and to this day I still don't know how we conceived. But we were both so happy and with it being Christmas it was so wonderful. My betas came back low and it was a mess from there of ups and downs. It was my third loss and I has just had one in July too so I got testing done. I have antiphospholipid syndrome so my body treats a baby like a disease Lovenox as soon as I get a bfp should do he trick though thank God. My cycles returned to normal pretty quickly. Lp was the same, just o'd late. Next one was fine. We waited the two cycles while I was doing tests and then DH got cold feet with TTC. It was only yesterday that I found out he was really scared about having another loss and all the issues that come with pregnancy in general. I had no idea it was that serious as he always took losses in stride as if nothing happened. It wasn't a "baby" yet to him. That made me feel so totally alone. So anyway, he said that this month we can try. Hopefully he doesn't switch again. I reassured him that I'll be fine. A few days ago when AF showed it marked a year since my second loss and I just broke down. Every now and then the "I should be pregnant" feelings hit me hard. Good luck to everyone and I'll try to respond personally when I'm on the pc. I need to put my chart link back in my siggy too.

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It is so odd the way men process a m/c....I can relate to what you said about how your hubby has taken it. I've had 2 losses and then this month's wondfo fluke....

hang in there! praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby for you soon!
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