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Originally Posted by lilbitcrunchy
twinpossible- Thank you so much for starting this thread. What a great idea really. SS for your loss

Deanna- Oooh sound exciting, when will you test?

Runaway Bunny & Jena- I'm sorry your cycles are being so frustrating.

happymama1- I can't believe those wondfos mama, I'm so sorry! I'm trying Babi brand one step tests. They have good reviews on amazon and this past cycle I used them ( I test every month since we use NFP) and they were great. Not even an hint of a line to squint at so hopefully they're not prone to evaps. And yea men..sigh..I was just expected to go on with life making dinner after I've just said I'm miscarrying. Blah I can't let my mind bring all that up again, I still love the man but geez lol.

Have you all told anyone about your loss? Only my parents know about all of them, my inlaws know of 2 I think. Part of me wants to just share with whomever just so people know that yes it happens, and happens often. But on the other hand I don't really know what I'd want from people that know..pity? sympathy? IDK. It's just really lonely and if not for online boards like this and my girls depending on me, I just don't think I would have gotten out of bed some days.
Oh, no test needed. DH injured his knee (has a torn meniscus) a few wks ago so DTD has not been an option this cycle. He will probably have surgery the 2nd wk in June, thus the reason we're waiting one more cycle.
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