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Re: TTC After Loss Thread

lilbitcrunchy: I feel the same way, when ever I see a pregnant woman further along then I was when I lost the baby I think, "that should be me, I should be pregnant." It burns

Craftin'Diva: We weren't trying either since it is SO hard for us to get preggo we gave up. This baby brought so much hope and joy which all died along with him.

RunawayBunny: I think most of us hate or distrust our bodies. I have a hard time feeling sexy now. Maybe because I bled for a month or a whole hospital saw or touched an area that up till that point only a hubby and midwife had seen? I was joking with my mom that I am going to wear black lacys and fish nets under all mt clothes until I feel sexy again!

leviandgarettsmom: I have heard that the first period can be a fake one, maybe that's what happened?

lilbitcrunchy: I really put some thought into if we would tell people or not. We were waiting until the 2nd trimester to tell people we were preggo and lost the baby at 12weeks. I will post below what I did on Facebook, in the end I decided he was a life and people should know he was here even if it was for only 3 months on earth.
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