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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Tina- I really want a girl now. But more than that...I just want another child; regardless of gender. We aren't trying or preventing since I'm still BFing and I haven't ended up preg. Yet so I think that's why HE isn't preventing. I'm
Hoping it just happens before I wean or he decides it's getting too risky to just wing it. Which he is getting there and the dreadful
Condom talk just came up last week. I can't change his I'm still just praying it happens...and soon! But a girl will be awesome!!! Are y'all still trying?

Carolyn- Yea there is always so much stuff to chose from for a girl. Boys...not so much. I NEVER thought I would want to dress a girl up in pink frilly Girly crap....but I do now!!!!!! I dream about braiding hair and little pink dresses. Lol. How much did aiden weigh? Yea, I hear ya....boys are a handful!!! I would love to see the difference there Is in raising a girl. You are more Girly anyways so 2 girls fits you well did you get your tubes tied? Was your hubs stoked for another girl? Or does he even see the difference between raising aiden versus Averie?
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