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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Aiden weighed 9 lbs, 1oz, when he was born, and was 20lbs, by the 3-4 months. He was just BIG!

Ha Ha! I don't consider myself girly! I was a super tomboy growing up, and still am not into all the "girly" type things. I do enjoy dressing up my little girls though. The little clothes are just so cute!

I didn't get my tubes tied as I don't want to deal with the possible side effects from that. DH is on board with getting a V, so we will most likely go that route. Otherwise, we will go back to condoms.

DH is so happy with his little girl. When we first found out we were having another girl, DH was a little sad that it wasn't another boy. But excited for another girl anyways. Now though, I think he is super happy that we had another girl, as Aiden is just getting crazier and more rambunctious everyday. And knowing our luck, we would end up with another boy just like him or worse! I do know that there are more calm boys, but I wouldn't be blessed with one of those! LOL! Aiden is such a handful, that when out and about, I have had complete strangers come up to me and ask if I was having another boy or girl. When I said girl, they would all give a sigh of relief and say "oh, good!" Yeah, he is that much a handful I should add that he is not hard because he has some kind of developmental issues or anything, he is just a super stubborn, strong willed, rambunctious clown and likes to be funny and difficult all at the same time. And time outs and spankings are just jokes to him, so he is just much harder to parent than Averie.

So yeah, DH totally sees a HUGE difference between raising Averie vs Aiden! LOL!

Are your boys more calm? Do they actually listen to you when you ask them to stop doing things? Aiden just looks at you and gives this impish grin and continues doing what you asked him to stop. He them gets in trouble, but that sure doesn't deter him from doing it all again!

I bet having a yard for you kids to get outside and run around really helps. I feel bad that Aiden and Averie don't have a yard to just go out and run and play in. I think it plays a big part in why he is always into things.
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