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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Lol!!! He sounds like my Ethan! Except Ethan has some sensory issues and a lot of his energy comes from needing extra stimulation. He is up at the crack of dawn (like 5am) and on the counter pulling all the stamps off the sheet or squirting toothpaste all over the floor or tearing chili seasoning all over the living room carpet, ect. He is def. A handful and really hard spanking or time out or talks or taking toys away never affects him either. He is definitely wired tight. Sheldon I think will follow in his footsteps. Lol. At 12mo. He is wild. Climbs up on beds, stands up on rocking horse without holding onto anything and just laughs, runs his head into me in purpose...just pretty wild! As far as listening...Sheldon of course doesn't. Ethan does with a lot of guidance and punishment and the older two use to be the most obedient mannerly boys I knew...but with Ethan as their master they have now all ganged up against me. Elijah is still very helpful and obedient and I only have to tell him something once...but he also fights a lot with younger boys and is quite dramatic when he gets hurt. Isaak is suuuuuper lazy and talks about food constantly and drags his feet when ask to do anything with a lot of huffing and puffing. Big boy Aiden!!! Sheldon was 8'11...and is now only 20lbs. At 12mo. Lol. He is super short 10 percentile so in pics. You would think he was a lot heavier. Elijah was 8'5 (1 wk. Early) and was a big hog as a baby like Aiden though! Isaak was 7'14 (3 wks. Early) and turned into a big hog too very quickly as a babe too! Little Ethan was 6'5 (4wks. Early) and was always so tiny and still is weighing 30lbs. At 2 3/4! I think Elijah is 44 1/2lbs. At 5 and 44 1/4pm tall and Isaak is Ummmm I can't remember. Lol but 50th for height and weight.
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