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Re: Time Savers

- Flylady
- Frozen ready-made PB&J sandwiches for packing lunches at midnight for a field trip the next day. (no flames)
- Each older child does their own laundry 1x a week, start to finish, and puts it away.
- Shout color catcher sheets so that each child's laundry can be washed in one big load vs. several smaller loads
- Lunches are all packed the night before, including water bottles/sippy cups, and put in fridge.
- Clothing for the entire week for each child is set on their dresser in piles for each day, including socks and undergarments. They can choose which outfit to wear, but are not allowed to rummage through drawers in the mornings.
- Shoes are all kept downstairs in the front room, with a basket for each child.
- Folders come out of backpacks as soon as we walk in the door, and go on the counter for me to look through. I put them back in backpacks when I am done signing/emptying/collecting things.
- Laundry gets folded on Tuesday/Thursday evenings. It will wait for me.
- Sports bags stay packed and in the front room ready to go. Refill as needed (clean socks, new dance clothes, etc).
- Diaper bag stays in the car, and gets refilled as needed
- 50 Cloth diapers and 10 wet bags (1 per day for 2 kids) get taken to daycare at the beginning of each week. I take 2 dirty wet bags home each day, and wash diapers twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday)

That's all I can think of right now.
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