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Re: So, is picky eating genetic?

I dont think so at all.....

if these same kids were starving, they would eat anything and everything if they had to. When I was growing up dirt poor, I ate EVERYTHING offered. Now that we are middle class, yes, I can get picky and it is clearly a choice due to overabundance. The only exception I can think of is special needs kids that cannot tolerate certain textures due to swallowing issues and that type of with allergies and stuff.

I personally think that a lot of times, picky eaters are created.

I have three kids and they are not picky eaters. We also eat what is offered, no other options and I will let them go without a meal if they CHOOSE not to eat what is offered. Same thing with my daycare kids and ALL of my daycare kids eat very well for me and the parents complain that they are picky at home. Good eating habits are created as well.
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