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Re: So, is picky eating genetic?

Originally Posted by chandni3 View Post
I think it might be. My friend at work is a very picky eater and we were talking about it and she said most vegetables taste really bitter to her.
I was just thinking about this. In general response to the OP, I think it's a combination. But specifically, I think this idea of "Supertasters" and "Undertasters" is valid & likely has a genetic link. I think this would influence which foods a child or adult prefers. Like Doodah said--I don't think (most) picky eaters would starve to death rather than eat something they don't prefer, but as a "supertaster", I taste things that DP can't taste. Spicy things are extra spicy, I've been known to rinse my food b/c it's too salty, she frequently prepares our meal & poultry separately b/c she likes seasonings & things that I won't eat. As in, she only puts Montreal Steak seasoning on her half of a steak b/c it's too strong for me. I don't eat black pepper. I won't eat anything that I deem "too herb-y". There flavored things that I don't eat...anything raspberry flavored leaves a nasty aftertaste for me, even if it's flavored w/ real raspberry. I can't mix my food--it's like a cacophony in my mouth. DP does most of the cooking, b/c anything I cook ends up being really bland...but I give her all the credit in the world for putting up w/ my weird food stuff, b/c I'm not just picky, but I have weird eating habits, too. DP, on the other hand is one of the least picky people I know...she's an undertaster. So she's almost like a food thrill-seeker . She likes to try new things, new seasonings, etc.

DD seems to be somewhere in the middle. DP's whole family seems to be undertasters, & DD really likes some very strongly-flavored foods that I wouldn't expect from a toddler (she'll only eat avocado w/ spritz of balsamic vinegar on it, she'll eat sauerkraut until she's sick, she thought jalapeno pepper jelly was about the best food ever, & she loves spicy rice & beans), so I think that's about the genetics--she's probably a normal to undertaster...but she's also a bit picky about things. I get the "normal" toddler fickle-ness, but tomatoes & most tomato products are out, squash is out, green beans are out, etc. Between that & picking up some of my idiosyncrasies around eating habits (don't mix food together, eat all of one thing before moving on to the next, anything too saucy is de debil), that's obviously nurture
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