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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
Baby was head down at my appointment 2 weeks ago, but completely transverse earlier today. I'm 29 +5. I'm not the least bit concerned. Baby can turn at any time before labor. And I don't worry if they don't then either. Breech is a variation of normal and my provider feels comfortable with my ability to birth a breech vaginally.

This is how I feel.
I'm 27 weeks and baby is head up or transverse(depending on time of day). I probably would NOT have a breech baby in a hospital unless my OB was a much older doctor who had attended breech births before. Doctors aren't taught anymore what to do with a breech presentation(NOTHING other than get mom into hands and knees position, or whatever position she feels is best) and it would worry me too much that they would try and pull on the baby or otherwise cause problems.

Spinning Babies has some good resources and seeing a webster certified Chiro is also a good option. Babies can and do turn during labor so even if you decide to go for a RCS I would wait til labor starts on it's own and have an u/s to determine baby's position when you arrive at the hospital right before the c/s. (That's what I would do anyway if my only viable options were get baby head down or schedule a repeat c/s) If you can start with a Chiro now that may help encourage baby to turn sooner and give you peace of mind. <3
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