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Re: How did you decide who would get your kids if something happened to you?

Dh and I both have life insurance policies that should be enough to cover our son for life, so we were able to choose people who wouldn't necessarily be able to afford take on more kids. Our primary concern is that the people share our faith and values. So that excludes my entire family, which is somewhat dysfunctional anyway. My sister is too free-spirited, and has the complete opposite values as we do, so she's out. Fortunately my ILs are wonderful people who share our faith and values, and who love our little guy to death. We also asked our son's godparents to be the back-up guardians if my ILs were unable to fulfill the task. She is a SAHM who adores children, and has a similar parenting style to mine. Her hubby is also very involved with the kids, so I know they would do great there. My BIL is also planning to get married this fall, so for now he's 3rd in line for guardianship. But they plan on living 500 miles away, and his FW is completely opposed to moving to Maine. So I'm not sure how that would work out, but hopefully it wouldn't come to that anyway.

I really think it's important to ask the people you are considering to take your children in. It seems inconsiderate to me to just name them the guardians, without discussing it beforehand.
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