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Re: How did you decide who would get your kids if something happened to you?

My oldest originally would have went to my male best friend, at the time I wasn't close to anyone, and I knew and know that he would do anything in the world for her. We had our children with a decent age gap (4 years 8 months) and then that's where we begin to have problems. I don't think it would be "right" to leave him with two children, as he is single, and can work some pretty long hours, with one in his job firls he could get away with bringing her for a couple hours if ever needed, but two would just be hectic, and finding child care/ sitters etc, and him even having a personal life that he wasn't done constructing (he does eventually want to be married, settle down etc, 2 kids would take so much time away from being able to persue a relationship easily)

Our kids staying together was very important to us (actually any differently was not an option) We chose my MIL, she's amazing with he girls, however as she ages we might have to change that, and we curently have no other options at all. My husband says his aunt is an option, but his family on that side has wayyyy too much drama, and smoke indoors, she's never had children, pops open a beer as soon as she gets home, and yeah, just not an option for me.
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