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Re: Buying a stroller, sunscreen, wool question

Sposie expert here (just kidding) but I have realized sposies are no where near a onsize/ one brand fits all (or even age- as kids tend to change shapes as they get older.)

My oldest after newborn age, luvs worked wonders. (very thin, no thighs or butt)

My youngest is allergic to almost every sposie on the market, pretty much after first diaper change in the hospital she was red down there (they told me "blood flow") by the time we left the hospital 2 days later she had a horrible rash, switched to luvs rash disapeared by the next morning however she leaked every poop out every time. huggies little movers ended up being the best (no rash, few poops up the back) I had to buy her a bigger size than theoretically she needed. She's a chunky thigh, big butt baby.
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