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Re: Gift ideas for 2 and 4 year old girls?

Originally Posted by kateroc View Post
My husband's cousin is having a joint b-day party for her two girls, who will be 2 and 4, in a few weeks. I need gift ideas! I was thinking a joint gift so I could do sort of a big ticket item, but I could do separate gifts... Thoughts? I'm usually good at coming up with creative ideas, but I'm really stumped this time. I'm willing to spend up to about $75 total.


ETA: I guess it's important to note that these kids have everthing already, so I'm really looking for some offbeat or unusual suggestions. (and, fwiw, I don't really say that to judge the family as overly materialistic or anything. My husband's family is really big and with birthdays and Christmases and two girls they've already been given all the standard girl stuff, like the kitchen, the doll nursery, etc...). Thanks again!
Dress up clothes/items
games like Don't Break the Ice, Candyland, (even if it's a little too old for one of them, games keep well)
Playdough Kit (homemade playdough with some cookie cutters, rolling pins, dull butterknives, etc)
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