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Re: Very disturbing

There is no MEDICAL reason to do that to a baby or even an adult! That man needs to go to jail, never practice medicine again and oh..................... I am so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate people sometimes!!! I am so sorry that this happened to your baby and your family Please contact the District Attorney's Office in your town/city first thing in the morning, take your sweet baby to the ER and have it documented, call the State Medical Board in your state and report him and then call, Facebook or whatever to as many other parents as you know and let them know (without naming him in print). Tell them that there is a doctor doing terrible things to babies and possibly children too. If they want the dr.'s name they should message you on Facebook. Hopefully this piece of @$% will be all over the news before this happens to some other innocent baby! Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if a large number of parents and children end up coming forward before this is all over. How can someone actually do something like that????? Please keep us posted. Again, I am so sorry this has happened
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